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Industrial Safety Products

TLG supplies to many different industries a wide range of safety attire, tools and equipment ranging from hardhat to safety shoes.

Industrial Textiles

In industrial textiles, TBA has accumulated over 100 years experience in the development, manufacture and supply of products for arduous environment especially those involving high temperatures. TBA can offer products ranging from primary fibers and yarns to fabrics and other finished forms, which comply with the most demanding national and international specifications.

High Temperature Protection - Asbestos Free

Zetex and Zetexplus fabrics – a family of lagging materials with high strength and fire resistance, performing in myriad super high temperature, hostile environments. Zetex provides all of the protection but non of the health hazards of asbestos.

Cost Effective, Environmentally Responsible Solutions

A leading provider of ethical non-hazardous chemicals and services, Liquid Engineering’s product range includes products for engine maintenance, metal treatments, coatings and sealants, heavy duty cleaning, food hygiene, pressure cleaners and textiles.